Hridayam Movie Review

Hridayam Movie Review : A flavourful thali of campus days and the life after

Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Story: Arun and Darshana are first-year engineering students and they fall in love soon after their college begins

And just as how things work generally in teenage, the road ahead isn't too easy for them. Life offers many twists and turns that they least expect.

Review: At a time in which college students hardly get to experience their campus or form friendships,

Hridayam offers its version of a fun campus life, and a chance for those who miss it, to reminisce about their youthful days.

Arun (Pranav Mohanlal) and Darshana ( Darshana Rajendran) fall in love soon after they join college in the first year.

They are crazy about each other, but not too wise to avoid the general pitfalls of campus romance

The friendship, love and connections go through various transformative phases,

as the narrative progresses. The movie also goes on to show how Arun enters the next phase of life and handles its evolution into various stages.

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